Excel Advanced Virtual

R1 895

This course is offered by Virtual training.

This course is also available as an official "accredited" version. Please inquiry, should you wish to obtain this version.

Course Description

This advanced Excel course is for students who use Excel daily, and are well versed at the concepts of formulas, sorting, filtering and formatting. Now that you have mastered the intermediate skills of Excel, we will teach students to tap into advanced functions and formulas that Excel spreadsheets offer. Note this is a fast paced course, and students who are not at the appropriate level will be left stranded, as there is no time to relearn the basics. For an exhilarating experience in Microsoft Excel, enroll for this advanced course which includes the use of forms pivot tables. Learn to master MS Excel advanced concepts in one day. 2KO Africa offers 1 day and 2 day Excel advanced courses. Subject Covers Becoming an Excel Expert User Unit Standards 258876 - Work with spreadsheets (Level 4) Credits 3 116943 - Using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application, enhance the functionality and apply graph /charts to a spreadsheet (Level 4) 3 Credits